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We manufacture industrial wooden packaging including pallet collars, boards for pallet collars, wooden boxes, and custom wooden pallets. As a manufacturer of wooden packaging, B&W has been dealing with wood processing for many years and has a top team of professional employees. Our products are made with the utmost care.

We are well aware that well-manufactured collar boards can speed up the process of production of pallet collars. We have the necessary knowledge and experience, allowing us to carry out even the most demanding orders on the basis of our knowledge of the subject matter. That is why we always manufacture customised pallet collars. You can order them in many sizes (from 500 mm to 2500 mm, in class I and II). These boards are characterised by an elegant appearance and uniform colour, with few knots (up to a maximum of 15 mm). The B&W boards have the IPPC phytosanitary certificate. They are always made of coniferous wood, such as spruce or pine.

We use galvanised hinges and bolts that meet all safety standards to manufacture pallet collars of the highest possible quality. This is why, as a manufacturer of wooden packaging, we are counted among the very few leaders in our field!

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Large-scale production of collar boards allows us to supply quality products to both smaller and larger companies. We offer personalised services, tailored to your current needs. Collar boards are our flagship product with an extremely wide and versatile range of applications! They work well not only as a structural element but also as furniture components or as a finishing element in wooden interiors. The wide range of applications is appreciated, among others, by companies transporting goods by sea or air.

Furthermore, our wooden packaging is also used in the automotive industry, where it significantly improves the quality and efficiency of the supply chain as well as saves space when transporting empty containers between plants. We are also appreciated by the engineering industry as well as packaging and transport companies (e.g. transporting bulky goods) and companies selling high-value equipment. Wooden packaging is also eco-friendly and safe for cultivated plants and vegetables. The production of collar boards and pallet collars is our response to market needs!

Wide range of B&W products

We also offer other products that significantly facilitate daily work in small, medium and large companies.

  • Non-standard pallets are distinguished by different arrangements of boards, slats, collars and elements required for absolutely safe transportation. It is a great solution for the packaging of products of different sizes. Moreover, our non-standard pallets meet all required safety standards, which is confirmed by certificates.

  • We offer whittling and drying services. Drying is carried out in modern drying kilns, fully adapted to the parameters required by the customer. Remember that proper preparation of wood allows it to achieve the desired characteristics as well as prepares it for subsequent stages, such as impregnation. When it comes to such matters, it is always best to trust professionals! Entrust this task to our professional staff.

  • We always manufacture the pallet collars with the utmost care. On request, we manufacture collars with various degrees of finish, e.g. dried, planed, whittled, painted, as well as in special sizes. Pallet collars save up to 90% of the space in your warehouse! For example, when the product is assembled on a 200x80x130 pallet, it can hold up to 120 collars! With collars, you will improve the quality and efficiency of your supply chain and save space when the time comes to return empty packaging back to a certain plant. What does this mean for your company? Fewer lorries on the road mean not only savings in terms of costs and human resources within the company but also reduced carbon emissions! With our products, you can easily turn any pallet into a box of any height. You will also provide your goods with stability and protection during transport. It is currently the most cost-effective solution on the market that significantly simplifies both usage and storage.

  • We also sell wooden packaging in various sizes. We manufacture wooden boxes according to the needs and standards of our partners so that the goods are always safe and arrive on time! Wooden packaging is the ideal solution for bulky products when transported over long distances.
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