Customisable wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are commonly used in every branch of industry. Most companies do not have the option to stop relying on the warehouse and transporting things in different way than on adapted pallets. Using pallets significantly facilitates the maintenance of order and ensures the safe transport of products.

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Non-standard pallets

With their non-standard size, wooden pallets can be used where classic solutions are too small or too large. No wonder that non-standard pallets are so popular. They are suitable for liquids, shipments that are a slipping hazard or of irregular shapes, and loose items. Non-standard pallets have many advantages - appreciated by those involved in shipping both on land, by air and by sea. Regardless of the industry, custom pallets help to optimise a company's internal processes. What does this mean for the business owner?

  • Reduced costs and higher levels of security for goods. No damages mean no lengthy complaints processes associated with having to send in new goods, and also builds trust and is confirmation of the good quality of the product.

  • Custom pallets also mean more efficient management of warehouse space. Large pallets can be impractical not only for shipping (if they are not suitable for the goods in question), but also when stacking them on the shop floor. This is why a solution such as non-standard wooden pallets will be particularly appreciated by warehouse owners, where every m2 counts! It's important to remember that having some extra space always has a positive effect on safety when working.

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Why is it so important to choose non-standard pallets only from trusted manufacturers? Standard pallets may differ in material or size, but only non-standard pallets are redesigned each time. This requires a lot of experience, an open mind to new concepts and perceptiveness. When you work with our B&W design team, you can rest assured that we approach each problem with a head full of ideas. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge. We'll take care of all technical issues and address all of your doubts.

If you don't know what solution you need yourself - we will give you numerous suggestions, and together we will think on how to meet your needs in the most functional way! You will then receive your custom wooden pallets and enjoy their quality for many years! You can trust us. We put years of experience into creating products that are safe, environmentally friendly and have a long service life. Our non-standard pallets are manufactured with great care, and the materials we use are of the highest quality - our wood has the IPPC phytosanitary certificate. Don't waste time and check out B&W's offer today!

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