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Wooden packaging is an essential product facilitating the transport and storage of goods. It has many advantages, such as high capacity, durability and multi-functionality. It should be borne in mind that company activities are largely based on the constant flow of products between specific warehouses or shops. Wooden transport packaging is the safest way of storing items and ensuring a longer service life of the goods delivered to the customer


The high quality of packaging and its adaptation to the specific product helps to avoid huge financial losses associated, among other things, with complaint processes that may result from damage caused by insufficient product protection. Moreover, wooden transport packaging is perfect for storing surplus items in a warehouse. Their potential functions are basically unlimited thanks to the possibility of adapting the boxes to any type of product transported! The quality, careful workmanship and flexibility of B&W products make these solutions suitable for use, for example, in agriculture. Thanks to our wooden boxes, the transportation of fruit and vegetables will be fast, safe and healthy. Even many hours of transportation will not adversely affect the quality of the food, ensuring that the fruit and vegetables transported are placed on the supermarket shelves in perfect condition, ready for purchase! How do we achieve this?

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A practical solution regardless of the industry type

Our wooden transport packaging is made from suitable coniferous tree species, which are resistant to difficult weather conditions. You can use them to, i.a., transport your products safely, regardless of the means of transportation or how long the route is, as well as the material of which the goods are made or their size. Our wooden packaging is also suitable for logistics work, large warehouses and areas with very low or high temperatures. Wooden boxes will come in handy in your business on many different occasions. Our transport boxes are made of high-quality materials only so that they can withstand any conditions. We know that transportation is not just about straight roads and a perfect weather. On the contrary, it often means difficult conditions. Our clients work in a variety of sectors and often deal with industries on a global scale. How do we provide them with a universal product, suited to their needs? The transport boxes from the B&W selection undergo a wood drying process which makes them resistant, durable and moisture-free. This preparation process of the material provides the desired properties and prepares it for subsequent impregnation. The drying process itself is demanding and requires specialist knowledge (the temperature must be adjusted to the type of wood), so it is important to trust the professionals!

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Wooden packaging for transportation

B&W transport boxes are made of dried coniferous wood, whittled on four sides. This protects your goods from being exposed to scratches or damage. Moreover, coniferous wood is resilient, durable and easy to work with. Wooden boxes made of this material will amaze you with their ability to maintain high quality for many years! For the sake of safety and durability, we nail the boxes together with galvanised nails and additionally reinforce them with screws.

On request, we manufacture personalised transport boxes, regardless of the complexity of the design and the intended use. Thanks to these solutions, many customers from various industries have decided to put their trust in us! We will adjust the product not only to your storage needs, but also to your financial needs. Our offer also includes made-to-order chests - coloured, oiled and decorated with logos. The last ones are particularly popular, as the special marking allows the customer to quickly identify the company. If some packagings from another warehouse need to be returned, there's no room for error! You can trust us. We always make wooden transport packaging according to your needs and international standards, so that your goods always arrive safely and on time!

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Wooden packaging from B&W - why is it a good idea to choose it?

As a fast-growing company that is one of the market leaders in wooden packaging solutions, extensions, pallets and boards, B&W has many great qualities that set it apart from the competition! What kind of qualities are we talking about?

  • Our products are suitable for sea, land and air transport. As the boxes do well with loads, they can easily be transported also with a forklift truck.

  • The wooden boxes meet phytosanitary requirements.

  • We offer professional advice backed by many years of experience. This is why we will always offer you solutions adapted to your needs.

  • Orders are carried out with individual approach; we do not use one classic and foolproof patent! We want your product to arrive in the best possible conditions, and your crates to serve you for many years.

  • We offer clear order conditions and professional support at every stage of your ordering process.

  • The materials we use to make our products are of the highest quality and come from legitimate, verified sources.

  • You simply can't go wrong with choosing our transport boxes for your business! Contact us, and together we will find solutions to make your daily work easier!
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