Board planing and drying

Planing and drying of boards is performed to improve the quality of the wood, to provide a longer durability of the product and to adapt it to even the most advanced needs of the buyer. In addition, planing of the boards is used to even out the surface and to obtain the correct dimensions in terms of thickness and width.


We provide comprehensive services including planing, rebating, chamfering and precise cutting. Although you may often be led to believe that an electric planer is easy to operate yourself, you do need experience and skills to actually use properly. The quality of the machine is also something to consider, as its accuracy has a huge impact on the final product. At B&W, we use the best planing machines in the world!

When deciding on a board planing service, it is best to choose a company with many years of experience under the belt. At B&W, we know that wood, as a natural raw material, is very difficult to work with. Often times it is not defect-free, e.g. twisted or crooked. Perfect right angles and alignment are absolutely necessary, in order to properly make pallets or use the wood for building the house or in furniture production. Planing boards with an electric planer guarantees the highest quality of the received product with no ripples, curves and other defects.

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Planing boards - price and other advantages

Our process of planing and drying the boards allows us to deliver high quality products to our customers. What exactly are the advantages of board planing and drying services?

  • Planing the boards protects the wood from pests. As for drying - it helps to rid the boards of insects at any stage of development. In addition, the high drying temperature causes the wood to lose its insect-attracting values.

  • In wood storage areas, there is a greater risk of a fire spreading quickly, and only the right response can save lives! Planing services, particularly four-sided planing, significantly delays the moment of ignition, enabling safe evacuation.

  • Only wood that is dried at the right temperature has a high degree of strength, which is also suitable for harsher conditions.

Planing and drying boards at B&W means low costs while still maintaining high quality. The final fee depends on the requirements of the buyer and the applied solutions. At B&W, we can assure you that our prices are competitive, and we make every effort to adjust the offer to our clients' financial capabilities!

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Why is it important to dry wooden boards?

Drying wooden boards is done so that the wood retains all its properties while getting rid of moisture - the water that is on the surface of the wood has to turn into steam. Special dryers and various drying techniques are used to get satisfactory results. Some people decide to dry the boards themselves, but it is not that easy. Depending on the type of wood, it is dried in a different way (at a different temperature,) which makes it possible to achieve different moisture content levels.

Drying wood boards can therefore not be carried out with a single, proven method. You can't go wrong with B&W services in this regard, as we offer competitive prices and modern systems for programming the drying process. We adjust the drying parameters to the customer's needs, provide professional service at every stage of the order placement and conditions of cooperation adapted to your needs! If you're looking for an interesting offer including board planing and drying services, send us a message! We will find the best solutions!

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